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Vectrex Museum presents VecApp

I am proud to present the first Vectrex Locator web-app for mobile phones: VecApp Please open with your mobile device, then tap “Add to Bookmarks” for easy, one-tap access. Have fun with it, yours Oliver.

What the hack is a web-app ?

The web-app resides on server and is accessed via the Internet. It performs specified tasks - potentially all the same ones as a native application - for the mobile user, usually by downloading part of the application to the device for local processing each time it is used. The software is written as Web pages in HTML and CSS, with the interactive parts in Java. This means that the same application can be used by most mobile devices that can surf the Web (regardless of the brand of phone).

Main VecApp Features

  • Displays Vectrex collectibles on different eBay markets
  • Currency converter (updated several times on trade days)
  • Internal clock including seconds (using your device´s time configuration)
  • Actual Vectrex News (updates when loading the web-app)
  • Answers the question "What the hack is a Vectrex?"
  • Hidden Easter Egg

VecApp - What is it good for ?

Find a Vectrex - made easy. I am a Vectrex collector and I find the most of my collectibles at the different ebay markets. This is no problem when I am at home, but on the road I can only access eBay via its mobile version on my iPhone. I created a tiny web-app to search for Vectrex collectibles at the most active markets, namely USA, Germany and UK. After the first simple version was finished I decided to provide it to all Vectrex collectors. I added some more features and a friendly user interface and here we go.

In the last week we had a beta test and the app seems to work well on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Palm and Android phones. I could not check all devices, if you mention a bug - please contact me.

How to start the application ?

Please open the web app URL below with your mobile device, then tap “Add to Bookmarks” for easy, one-tap access. You can just open the web app now like a regular app and, providing you’re connected to the web in some way, it will work perfectly. Open the following URL with your mobile browser:

Many thanks to the Beta Testers: Spencer, Rudy, Chris and Brian.

Known Bugs and Limitations

On Android phones:

There is an odd issue where the listings page appears to be locked from scrolling (so you can only see the first 4 listings). Clicking on one of the listings (which opens the mobile eBay website) and then returning to the VecApp listings page allows you to scroll through the rest of the results.

You can not view the hidden Vectrex Video on Android phones.



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